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Our team of experienced, professional librarians can advise you on all aspects of school libraries, including stock & organisation, library policy & development, library layout & furnishings and library management systems. Further details of these, and other advisory services can be found below:

Library & Stock Reviews

We can carry out a comprehensive review of your library, looking at all aspects of the library including it’s location, the furniture & fittings, staffing, the stock and evaluating the effectiveness of the library. We would then make recommendations on the future development of the library and can help and support you in implementing these recommendations.

Alternatively, if you would just like some help with editing your stock or some general advice on running the library then we can arrange to come into school to do so.

Organisation of Resources

We can help you organise your stock and advise on the best way to arrange your fiction and information books (and picture books if you have them). We can also advise and assist with classifying your information books and colour coding these books in first schools.

SLS can provide colour code wall charts to help pupils locate the resources they are looking for and alphabetical subject indexes at appropriate levels for pupils.

We can advise on promoting special collections, such as books for reluctant readers or books for an up and coming event, such as National Storytelling Week! We can also advise on the best way to display books in the library for maximum impact.

Library Policy and Development

We believe that the creation and implementation of a library policy is vital to an effective school library. It needn't be a lengthy document, but should clearly state the role of the library, it's aims and how these will be acheived. A well designed library policy will also inform the future development of the library.

SLS can advise and help schools to draw up a library policy - or refine or update an existing policy. We can also advise on planning and development.

Library Management Systems

If you already have, or are considering having an automated library management system in your library, we can offer advice and basic instruction .Our knowledgeable staff are able to offer impartial advice on the purchase and implementation of a variety of  systems suitable for different types of libraries in all phases. The links below will take you to the Home Pages of the Library Management systems in use in our schools.

Layout & Furnishings

If you are considering relocating your library, or simply re-organising the layout, we can offer help and advice about the best way forward.

We will advise you on the best use of the space you have available and suggest options for the layout to best suit your needs. We can advise about shelving and soft furnishings and direct you to reputable suppliers.


We can offer help with recruitment and training for new library staff. We can also offer advice and support to teachers who are responsible for the library and for parent helpers and volunteers.

For enquiries please call us on 01670 620072 or e-mail us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.