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Non fiction shelvesAll our books are selected weekly from the newest publications. Selected by an experienced team of professional librarians our stock is continually updated and refreshed.

The advantage of subscribing to SLS is that you can borrow resources for specific purposes and exchange them regularly.  When the books are worn out and looking tired, or just not being used in your school, then they can be sent back to us in exchange for some new copies or titles.

Our book collections include the following:

  • Picture Books

Our comprehensive range of picture book stock, includes the latest publications as well as old favourites.  We also have a range of high interest picture books for older readers.

  • Fiction

We hold a large stock of quality fiction titles, suitable for all age groups (pre-school to post 16). We can also supply multiple copies (up to 4) of titles for reading groups.

  • Reluctant or Struggling Readers

Our comprehensive Reluctant Reader Collection are books specially produced for reluctant and/or struggling readers.  The collection has shelf guidance as to the books reading age and interest level.  A booklet listing the series within this collection and the reading age and interest levels is available within the SLA subscribers area.  If your school has a SLA with us and your require access to this area please contact us.

  • Non-fiction

The First and Middle school collections are selected for their quality and relevance to the curriculum.  We also stock many general interest non-fiction titles that are suitable for use within school libraries.  

Following a consultation with our librarians who work in High Schools, we have revised our High school non-fiction stock.  This now mainly covers popular areas of interest, although we have maintained a core of subject specific books. Any requirements which cannot be met from stock on the shelves can be acquired through our request service, providing the titles fall within our stock remit. 

  • Local Books

We hold a small selection of books about the local area.

  • EAL & Foreign Language Books

We have a collection of early reader books for children whose first language is not English. If you have a specific language requirement, we will endeavour to obtain suitable resources from our suppliers via the request service.

  • Visually Impaired Pupils

We have a small collection of books for visually impaired pupils.  We are also able to acquire tailor-made editions of many class read titles to suit the individual requirements of your visually impaired pupils.  Please contact us to discuss this service further.

  • Bag Books – Stories for children and teenagers with SLD & PMLD

Bag Books are tactile, sensory and interactive stories for children and teenagers with Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) and Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD). These resources could also be used with very young children.  These can either be borrowed to be used by yourselves or through a visit from one of our professional staff.  These are growing in popularity as a resource to be used with early years as an alternative way to read a story.

  • Professional Reading Collection for School Staff

We have a comprehensive collection of books on many aspects of education, teaching and libraries.  These are available for all school staff to borrow.  Useful for updating your knowledge when changing curriculum responsibility or when completing a further training course.  If you are completing a new qualification course, then do send us your reading list so that we can help you obtain some of the titles.