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Requesting Artefacts

Our artefact packs are very popular resources and we recommend that you request them well in advance to avoid disappointment. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request artefact packs.  Contents of artefact boxes can vary slightly from those shown.


Follow this link for the Religion Artefacts Information Pack


Explore the Buddhist way of life and the signs and symbols of Buddhism.


  • Buddha
  • Wheel of life poster
  • Incense sticks and holder
  • Puja bowls
  • Prayer flags
  • Ghanta
  • Tanka
  • Mandala
  • Prayer wheel
  • Buddhist symbols photo pack
  • Laminated guide


Chinese New Year

Explore the traditions of Chinese New Year with this pack.


  • Selection of lanterns
  • Chinese dragon
  • Cards
  • Red envelopes
  • Chines coins
  • New year greeting children
  • Chopsticks
  • Traditional tea mug
  • Zodiac calendar
  • Writing set
  • Plastic mat showing years
  • 12 wooden animals in bag
  • Laminated contents guide

Chinese New Year Lion Head

Everything you need to perform the lion dance and celebrate Chinese New Year.


  • Large lion head with train
  • New year drum with drumsticks
  • Tambourine
  • Red light up lantern
  • 2 paper lanterns
  • Lucky money envelopes
  • 2 old coins
  • Chinese fabric drape
  • Laminated zodiac story & bookmarks
  • Laminated guide to contents and new year traditions


Explore the Christian way of life and signs and symbols of Christianity. 


  • Large brass crucifix
  • 2 wooden icons
  • 3 small wooden crosses
  • 3 sets of rosary beads with prayer leaflet
  • Baptismal candle
  • 3 certificates of baptism
  • Chalice and paten
  • St Damian's cross
  • 2 ceremonial stoles
  • My first Holy Communion book
  • On your first Holy Communion book
  • For your Christening book
  • Christian symbols photo pack
  • Christian light symbols photo pack
  • Laminated guide to contents

Diwali Pack

The Hindu festival of Divali celebrates the dramatic return from exile of Rama and Sita and marks the beginning of the New Year fro Hindus. 


  • Musical sticks
  • Diwali storybook
  • Greetings cards
  • Rangoli patterns
  • Ramayana model
  • Diya lamps
  • Sequin wallhanging
  • Laminated guide to contents


Explore the Hindu way of life and signs and symbols of Hinduism.


  • 9 piece brass puja set
  • 2 mendhi silhouettes
  • 5 diwali greeting cards
  • Figures of Ganesha, Laksmi, Vishnu, Krishna & Shiva
  • Sequin wallhanging of the Ramayana
  • Dandiya sticks
  • Laminated guide to contents


A collection of Islamic artefacts which help you explore the Muslim way of life and the signs and symbols of Islam. 


  • Wedding hat
  • Wedding garland
  • Topi
  • Headscarf
  • Prayer beads
  • Alphabet chart
  • Metal poster
  • Wall scroll
  • Prayer mat with compass
  • Eid cards
  • 5 wooden Islamic symbols
  • Islam photo pack
  • Laminated guide to contents


A collection of Jewish artefacts which help you explore Judaism and the signs and symbols of this religion. 


  • Embroidered velvet cap
  • Prayer shawl (tallit)
  • Seder plate
  • Hanukkiyah menorah
  • Dreidels
  • Kiddush cup
  • 3 Hannukah cards
  • 6 Jewish wooden symbols in cloth bag
  • Judaism photo pack
  • Story of Hannukah book
  • Laminated guide


A collection of Sikh artefacts which help you explore Sikhism and the signs and symbols of this religion.


  • Turban 
  • Chauri
  • Guru print (frame of the ten Gurus)
  • Guru garland
  • Kangha
  • Kara
  • Kirpan
  • Patka
  • Khanda
  • Sikh flag
  • 8 wooden symbols
  • Prayer beads
  • 10 Diwali cards
  • Laminated guide