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Requesting Artefacts

Our artefact packs are very popular resources and we recommend that you request them well in advance to avoid disappointment. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request any of our artefact packs.  Contents of artefact boxes can vary slightly from those shown.

Please follow this link for the History artefacts Information Pack Information Pack.

Ancient Egypt

ancient egyptiansBring the world of Ancient Egypt alive with this exciting collection of artefacts.


  • Tutankhamun bust
  • Anubis on shrine
  • Pharaoh's barge
  • Bast cat
  • Hippo
  • Necklance
  • Sphinx
  • Embalming set
  • Scribe's writing set
  • Blank papyrus
  • Rosetta stone
  • 8 postcards
  • Ancient Egypt chart with 16 A4 photos
  • Laminated guide

Ancient Greece

ancient greeceWho were the Ancient Greeks? Use this pack as a starting point to introduce this topic to your class.


  • Amphora of Hercules
  • Corinthian hydria
  • 2 theatrical masks
  • Set of 3 relica columns
  • Writing tablet and stylus
  • Athenian helmet
  • Coins
  • Owl
  • Discus
  • Oil lamp
  • Long jumper weights
  • Spinning top
  • Ancient Greece photo pack
  • Laminated guide

Aztecs Pack

aztecsUncover Aztec artefacts to reveal much about this lost culture.


  • Aztec stone calendar
  • Large pottery mask 
  • Traditional bark paper
  • Pottery printing stamp
  • Pottery ocarina
  • Miniature pestle, mortar and grinding stone
  • Aztec gods photo pack
  • Artefacts and figurines photo pack
  • Laminated guide

Native Americans

native americansThis box is full of beautiful Native American artefacts.


  • Chief's feather headdress
  • Shaman rattle & drum
  • Feather headband
  • 2 dreamcatchers
  • Carved totem
  • Sand painting
  • Suede bag
  • Tree of life woven rug
  • Animals wallhanging
  • CD of Native American music
  • 11 postcards

Our Northern Heritage

our northern heritageIntroduce your pupils to the culture and history of North East England with this bumper pack of artefacts, photographs and posters.


  • Northumberland flag
  • Northumberland tartan scarf
  • Model coal miners (made of coal)
  • Roman and seaside artefacts
  • CDs of music and dialect
  • Books and leaflets
  • Collection of beautiful photographic prints
  • A specially produced photo album – the history and culture of North East England in 24 6” x 4” pages

Romans in Britain

romans in britain artefactBring everyday life on Hadrian’s Wall alive!


  • Kitchen set (amphora, funnel, colander, baby feeder, beaker, flagon, mortarium)
  • Chatelaine set
  • Roman centurion
  • Roman infantryman
  • Roman ruler
  • Duck handle spoon
  • Roman oil lamp
  • Twisted torc
  • Hadrian coin
  • 2 Romans in Britain coins
  • Dolphin ring
  • Laminated guide 

Seaside Past & Present

seasideA collection of wonderful modern and historical artefacts that can be found at the seaside. Makes an eyecatching and inspirational display.


  • At the seaside photo pack (20 A4 photos + teaching notes)
  • Seaside holidays in the past photo pack (23 A4 photos + teaching notes)
  • Seaside holidays in the past photo pack (8 A3 posters)
  • Model lifeboat
  • Model lighthouse
  • Fishing net
  • Victorian bucket
  • Wooden spade
  • Punch and Judy puppets
  • Large starfish
  • Small starfish
  • Penny lick
  • Model fairground carousel
  • Shells
  • Driftwood


slaveryA collection of 19th century slavery artefacts.


  • Child size leg irons
  • Ball and chain
  • Handshackles
  • Cotton branch
  • Carved male slave (head, hands and feet in shackles)
  • Carved female slave (also shackled)
  • "Lest we Forget" book of 30 postcards.

Stone Age & Iron Age

stone age artefactA collection of replica artefacts from the stone and iron ages.


  • Stone age flint set
  • Axe
  • Stonehenge model
  • Roundhouse model
  • Pieces of animal pelts
  • Selection of plant fibres
  • Bowls
  • Tools
  • Children’s shoes
  • Jewellery
  • Notes

Toys in the Past

toys in the pastBring your toys topic alive with this collection of Victorian toys.


  • Skipping rope
  • Spinning / humming top
  • Whip & top
  • 2 swing toys
  • 2 sets of mechanical clowns
  • Diablo
  • Pop gun
  • Cup & ball
  • Yo yo
  • Cord pull spinning top
  • 2 flick books
  • Jacob's ladder
  • Tumbling man
  • Set of 20 A4 photocards + notes.


tudorsA selection of artefacts from Tudor times.


  • Miniature of Anne of Cleves
  • Candlestick plus beeswax candle
  • Clay pipe
  • Henry VIII and Elizabeth I coin pack
  • Gold angel' green man
  • Horn book
  • Lady's hat
  • Lucet
  • Money pot
  • Orange pomander
  • Pilgrim badges
  • Quill pen
  • Seal ring and sealing wax
  • Three handled cup
  • Tudor rose charm
  • Notes

Victorian Household Objects

victorian household artefactRecreate a Victorian Kitchen in the classroom. NOTE: these items are full size and some are very heavy!!!


  • Box iron
  • Butter pats
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Carbolic soap
  • Chamber pot
  • Hurricane lamp
  • Cast iron black kettle
  • Wooden laundry tongs
  • Replica ephemera
  • History mystery photopack
  • See For Yourself: Victorian Life 8 A3 photos + notes


vikingsExperience life as a Viking with this range of artefacts.


  • Spouted pitcher
  • Horn cup
  • Lamp
  • Thor's hammer symbol
  • 2 double sided coins
  • Viking drinking horn
  • Thor mask
  • Vikings timeline
  • Laminated guide to the contents.

World War One

ww1Contains a variety of items designed to encourage pupils to think about what the war was like for ordinary people with a particular focus on the Northumberland Fusiliers.


  • Trench pack containing trench rations and washroll
  • CD of songs & poems
  • Memorabilia pack
  • Union Jack flag
  • Resource pack with photos/posters & notes
  • “Who were they?” pack which focusing on the names of the dead from Hexham War memorial and is designed to show pupils how to research the names of individual soldiers
  • WW1 poets and poetry” pack, containing 12 carefully selected & accessible poems; including those of local poet Wilfrid Wilson Gibson

World War Two: Home Front

ww2 home front artefactBring history alive with this fascinating collection of home front items.


  • ARP board
  • Gas mask
  • Hurricane lamp
  • Sweets
  • Toys
  • Coins
  • Replica newspapers, posters and other items from the period.

World War Two: Air Raid Shelter

ww2 air raid shelterExperience what life was like in the air raid shelters. This pack includes a variety of items that a typical family may have kept in their shelter.


  • Hurricane lamp
  • Chamber pot
  • Enamel pot & cup
  • Tinned food (milk & eggs)
  • Spare clothing (mittens, balaclava & jumper)
  • Toys (plane spotter cards)
  • Personal documents
  • Newspaper headline

World War Two: Evacuee Suitcase

ww2 evacuee suitcaseA treasure trove of belongings to highlight the trials and tribulations of the time. Selected with role play and enquiry in mind.


  • Suitcase
  • Ration book
  • Identity card
  • Money
  • Letters
  • Gas mask
  • Gas mask satchel