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“The library service is an exemplary service which other council departments should aim to replicate. I have been coming to this library for over 4 years and have certainly been impressed by the quality of resources, librarian knowledge & superb customer service”.

"SLS is absolutely brilliant. People have been so helpful and good at keeping me right."

"I always recommend SLS to other schools and teachers. Look at what you get for the cost - it's fantastic!"

"Thank you so much for the books. The children particularly enjoyed the selection and it was lovely to have so many."

"Thank you for the prompt service in obtaining a book I needed urgently for research."

"Where would schools be without you..."

"Very satisfied with the service - and it's nice to see that you are always moving on and introducing new initiatives."

Topic Boxes

"We have used the resources boxes not only to inform planning, through using them as a guide but also to enhance the children's learning through experiencing a wider range of books.  We are a small school without the space to store large amounts of books, without the boxes we would be very restricted in what we could offer.  The books are constantly up dated which is another eason for using the service, we would be unable to update resources as often due to cost, so impacting on what we could plan for the children".  (Deputy Headteacher)

"They have helped to develop our ideas for the topic as well as the childrens ideas. We have only recently returned to the SLS due to finances and it is wonderful. Having the boxes prepared for you mean that you get good quality relavent books and you dont have to scourer the book shops and internet which takes lots of time and effort and you still dont often get the books you want.

If these resources had not been available it would have been much more difficult to engage the children...... as we know because we spent 2-3 years out of the SLS and its sooooooo good to be back". (Teacher)

"The resources are always extremely useful - I use them to help plan activities and set independent research tasks for the children. The amount and variety of books you send really helps in this respect. If your resources had not been available, the pupils would not have had such a positive learning experience. I would have tried my best to get similar ones from elsewhere but this would have had a high time and cost implication. Having what you want delivered to your door is just wonderful!" (Assistant Headteacher)


"The Divali topic box allowed the children to see real-life artifacts and provided examples of things that they went on to design and make.  It made the lessons more exciting and the children enjoyed discussing the objects and how they are used.  Some of them were used to create a display which was enjoyed by the rest of the school". (Teacher)


"Superb storytelling session and particularly nice to have a male storyteller in school. Don was really enthusiastic and the children picked up on this". (Headteacher)

"The story telling was an awesome success, our children and staff loved it. Donald is extremely skilled at holding the attention of 3 to 9 year olds using only himself, no props, no gimmicks just a fabulous story teller". (Headteacher)

"Even our 3 year olds sat enthralled for the whole time - it was a great learning experience for 2 new, young pupils who had just started days before. We feel that not only is it important to share Donald's storytelling talent, but also to show our boys that men love books too! This was a really well planned, organised and creatively delivered session. Thank you!" (Headteacher)

"The story telling was magical. Don is a natural with the children, he had them all completely engrossed (including the teachers) and this was a group of over 400 children ranging from Reception to Year 6. Please say well done from us! (Headteacher)"

"Don knows our school well and his storytelling is always a treat. He's brilliant at it and captivated the whole school audience". (Headteacher)

"We always love Don's visits - children from as young as 3 to as old as the teachers, hang on to his every word - always wondering what is coming round the corner! His stories stir up emotions and get messages across". (Headteacher)

"Apparently the teachers had to abandon their literacy planning as the children WANTED to make up their own alternative fairy tales. So well done you for causing organised, educational anarchy!" (Headteacher)